Who are we?

Spicy Fleur is about the past which has turned into the future.
An ambitious team of young people who are passionately dedicated to what they do. Each of us is a true artist and perfectionist. Sometimes it seems that our ideas will serve long years to the benefit of humanity. It’s all because we try to improve day by day. Each of our days is a chance to develop and search for more and more perfect materials, ideal forms and innovative approaches to production. We are so obsessed and truly in love with our work when we create the most sensual lingerie.

What are we?

We have managed to combine the aesthetics of cabaret and modern design with the grace of lines and shapes in our products. It is so important to us to create incredible sets for special occasions and for every day. The only secret of our underwear is that we create each set with great love. Sensuality and delicate taste, exquisite Italian lace, sophisticated shades and unsurpassed quality of materials — that’s the recipe for our unsurpassed linen.

Now, looking back, we understand that there was nothing that could go wrong in Spicy Fleur. And it is precisely in the form and composition in which the brand is now. It seems like that all stages of our development and formation happened with a wave of a magic wand. It is not written that nothing happens in life accidentally. Just like our acquaintance with Christine in the corridor of a familiar Istituto Marangoni, after which there wasn’t a day when we stopped studying.

For sure it was definitely the best time for very good people and teachers to join us. We already dreamed of taking over the world of fashion. But things do not go exactly as planned for either of us, don’t they? Unfortunately, we went different paths. I flew to Paris for a long time and I got swept away in the work of a famous fashion house because I dreamed of becoming a part of a process that we were told during the lectures. So here I am, and as it turned out, this work was a far cry from what I ever imagined. It was an unforgiving and calculating business. I was no longer having fun of the process. I decided to take a rest. I booked a flight to New York, where at that time a Fashion Week was taking place. I left my hotel and went to the nearest restaurant to have dinner after a long flight. I sat down at the table and learned that Christine was sitting next to me! Just like magic, isn’t it? She was in the company of a young couple, they were William and Anastasia. I thought that there couldn’t be a second chance. It was time to start turning our dreams into reality! I made decision to leave the fashion house and return to my beloved London. My current partners and the most important people of my life were waiting for me!

Without a doubt, we always wanted to create lingerie. Nothing like a nice combination of mysterious lace and the female body.

Members of the team



Diavola   £ 68

Blooming and intriguing. Inspired by the upcoming spring, the wake-up call of something new and bright.
The brasserie with a soft cup made of the most delicate black tulle and embroidery with silk threads. Brazilian panties from the back and embroidery on the front.

Neapolitano   £ 63

Bright, bold and red, just the way it should be. A perfect set in color of ripe cherry is certainly a must have in each wardrobe.
A soft bra in delicate red lace ensures a perfect fit. Thong panties will seductively emphasize the form.

Quattro formaggi   £ 73

Created for the most romantic, dreamy and enthusiastic persons.
A cute and sexy set of pink lace and delicate soft tulle in color of strawberry yogurt. The brassiere with a soft cup and embossed edge trim. Seductive high-waisted panties made of lace on the front and soft tulle on the back.

Margherita   £ 109

Elegant and feminine set in classic colors — beige and black.
The bra with a soft deep cup on the bone is made of soft tulle in color of tanned skin, on the whole belt of which dense black lace is located.
Brazilian panties have a lace on the front and a fully tulle on the back. The belt for stockings is also made of elastic tulle with asymmetrically placed lace and also complemented with black satin clasp for stockings.

Capricciosa   £ 108

Seductive and luxurious set of classic black lace. Like a sweet dream, it will forever remind of pleasant moments. A delightful black lace bra in a soft cup with a bone. Perfectly supports breasts and emphasizes the neckline.
Brazilian panties with lace on the front and the thinnest tulle on the back.
Classic lace belt with black satin clasps will complete the already perfect look.



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